Thursday, 7 July 2011

Debt? - no debt

In an earlier blog here, I mentioned a demand from BT, through a Debt Recovery Agency for £78 on an alleged unpaid telephone bill.

In the middle of March I challenged this demand, proving that the bill was for a period after I had left my previous address on the South Coast.

Nearly four months later I had heard nothing, and being the sort of person who doesn't like loose ends, I wrote to the Debt Recovery Agency last week to ask what was going on.

I received a reply in the post this morning which said, "We confirm that we are no longer instructed in relation to the above account and our file has been closed".

Yes.Success. Shame that I had to chase up the decision, but very pleased none the less. To all those people who were originally in touch with me over this, I thank you, and it's with you that I share this result. To others who may get into a similar position, if you believe you're in the right, don't ever give up.

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